Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Seems like all girls (including myself) no matter what age love a good headband!

I've made quite a few lately.....

These next couple are made from felt flowers....they scream winter! And are perfect for the up and coming holiday season!

This one is also great for all you Bullpup or Bulldog fans!

A little story about the next one - I always make Reese pick out her school clothes the night before.....saves a lot of time and arguing! She had picked out a pink dress and with the cooler temperatures, she paired the dress with some black leggins. Well, the outfit must not have felt quite complete because she asked if I'd make her a headband to wear with it.....of course!

This glittery pink and black bow is attached to the headband, but it could also be made as a clip and just clipped on the headband that way you had the option to interchange different bows or flowers using the same headband!

These next ones I made for Reese to wear in our family pictures.

They make a great accessory for any outfit!


Let me know if a headband is calling your name....or head!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feature Friday Sneak Peek

It seems like I can so easily get caught up on designing all the latest hair fashions, that I tend to forget what prompted me to start this business in the first place.....BOWS!!!

There's nothing better to compliment an outfit than a good hair bow!

Reese wears a bow in her hair nearly everyday; she loves them! And I love that she loves them :)

The possibilities are endless......

This Friday, the first five people to comment on my Facebook Feature Friday gets a layered bow for $5! And if your little beauty doesn't have enough hair for a bow, for an extra $2, you can order a headband of your choice!